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yeswecan!cer is Germany’s largest movement for a fearless and taboo-free handling of a disease every second human suffers from during the span of a lifetime: CANCER.


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The GET2GETHER for #Mutmacher and engaged people.

The world’s first digital hybrid Cancer Convention – real at the betterplace Umspannwerk/ Raum für die engagierte Zivilgesellschaft, Berlin Kreuzberg + FREE OF CHARGE in the virtual space, wherever you are. It’s a multi media convention for cancer patients, their next of kin, social media influencers and digital and innovative solutions providers for anyone affected. More information coming soon here, on facebook and on instagram
*patron is Jens Spahn, German Federal Minster of Health.

26. + 27. September in Berlin + ONLINE

2020-09-26 12:00:00

YES!CON being a hybrid event – real and virtual – is the first cancer convention for active patients, their next of kin and anyone affected. Uniting innovative and digital innovations and anyone interested.

Eure Fragen – Unsere Experten

“Eure Fragen – Unsere Experten” is the slogan of our regular Call-Ins, live in our YES! APP and on our Facebook page. Submit your questions in the YES! APP or by emailing

yeswecan!cer präsentiert HIER und JETZT, in der RTLZWEI Mediathek. Mit 38 erhält Claudia die Diagnose Brustkrebs. Zwei Jahre Lebenszeit, lautet die Prognose der Ärzte – das ist nun sieben Jahre her! Ihre Erfahrungen verarbeitet die 45-jährige Österreicherin in einem Blog – über ihren Kampf berichtet die neue Folge dieser großartigen Sendereihe.

Shirin Valentine, multi-talented presenter and musician, was a supporting act for Michael Jackson and Shaggy touring India and Germany. She donated a song and a video to us. It get’s us in the mood for THE event of the year.


  • create and aggregate media attention
  • provide assistance for self help
  • support advanced cancer initiatives and projects
  • bring affected people together and encourage sharing
  • empowerment
  • resilience strengthening
  • unlimited & pan-european 


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  • 2raumwohnung
  • AMA
  • Andreas Bartl, RTLZWEI
  • Till Behnke,
  • Ingo Brunner
  • Marc Bühler
  • Jin Choi
  • Club der roten Bänder, VOX / Universal Film
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  • Frank Eickmeier, Unverzagt
  • Ralf Frenzel, Tre Torri
  • Hubert Eiter, Karin Krimmer, Brainlab AG 
  • Wiebke Fromholz, Radio Doria Film GmbH
  • Johannes Funk
  • Stefanie Giesinger
  • Claus-Dieter Grabner, Funke Medien Gruppe
  • Philipp Greffenius, Christina Grafinger, Edition Sportiva GmbH
  • Herbert Grönemeyer, Musik bewegt
  • Annie Hoffmann
  • Nanni Jacobson, Gabriel Mounsey
  • Sergej Jurisdizkij, Mind & Image
  • Jan Köppen
  • Georg Kofler
  • Frank Lehmann
  • Frank Marter, Audibene GmbH
  • Anna Loos
  • Bianca Nawrath
  • Peter Müller, Jean Noir, NOIRART
  • Stephan Plank
  • Christoph Post, DEF Media GmbH
  • Axel Prahl
  • Promodro Fashion GmbH
  • Max Raabe
  • CraSy Sylvie Rasch
  • Bo Rosenmüller, Bo Connect
  • Jessica Schwarz 
  • Giulia Siegel
  • Sybill Schirmer, Holger Hansen, Nicole Leonhardt, Dr. Stefan Eisele, Social Chain AG
  • Wiebke Schodder, sixx
  • Jan Scholten, SH digital 
  • Constanze Schröpfer, Christian Bühler, Schröpfer & Bühler Postproduktion GmbH
  • Benedict Sicheneder
  • Susan Siderpopoulos
  • Mandy Steiger
  • Marcus Sternberg
  • Shanti Tan
  • Christoph Teuner
  • Olaf Tischbier
  • Joko Winterscheidt
  • Marius Woller, Mercure Hotel Wittenbergplatz
  • Patricia Wörler-Horzon
  • Akki Thomsen
  • Lutz Rosenkranz
  • Jörg Graf