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The YES! APP helps with communication and outreach among patients and concerned parties – anytime, anywhere. yeswecan!cer promotes an open dialogue, sharing of information and experiences among patients and relatives. It is the help to help oneself. The app is fast, direct, effective and from human to human.

  • Safe and secure
    The YES! APP is a secure room for all your questions.
  • Finding people
    The YES! APP continuously presents new members to exchange points of view.
  • Create your own groups
    Build communities for all your favorite issues.
  • Expert Chats
    Regular live Q&As with health professionals.
  • Chats
    Once you have found a suitable contact you can chat online in the YES! APP. For this, please enable the push notification.
  • Information
    The YES! APP can also give you information on the nearest support group in your neighborhood and it provides information on the most common types of cancer.